• Providing business development and commercial services to Hevasure; an early stage start-up with a disruptive engineered technology for the continuous and remote monitoring of closed heating and chilled water systems to prevent corrosion damage. Developed a route to market strategy and initiated a Certified Partner programme, leading the commercial negotiation for the successful first partner appointment. Created a business model for Hevasure to cost-effectively grow and leverage its success from its core competences. Market share is being built through Hevasure's UK partner with the number of installations growing monthly and an installation base now in double figures with a strong pipeline of opportunities and further partners for 2018.
  • Conducted and presented market research and analysis to identify and qualify strategic targets for Kal Tire Mining Tire Group's strategic business development decision making process. Designed and developed internally and externally focused product management tools.
  • Providing services to Optimum Asset Growth Investments (OAGI) as a Development Consultant to acquire businesses for and on behalf of OAGI. Develop and negotiate the deal structure with the owners/vendors from initial meeting through to Heads of Terms. Develop and prepare the Business Development and Growth Plans for selected OAGI acquisitions during the due diligence phase. Providing director level management and consulting services to OAGI Services to deliver the oversight, leadership, business development and growth of acquired businesses. Three acquisitions were progressed from initial meeting to Heads of Terms in the six months to January 2018.