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Business improvement initiative

Identify opportunities where you can improve your profitability in the short-term. We will undertake a broad review of your current business practices and performance and identify areas in your business to grow the bottom line.

Strategic business development

Develop a vision for the business and taking a holistic view of the opportunities and challenges facing the business to determine a business strategy for the future.

Business planning

Review existing business plans, performance and the organisation, then facilitating the development of new business goals and the plans for achieving them. Identifying and designing the organisational changes required to achieve them.

Our Services
Our Services

Market penetration strategy

Exploring the existing customer base and markets for opportunities for business growth. Determining the goals and actions required to achieve this.

Market development strategy & Export market development

Identifying potential new markets, including export possibilities, for further research and development. The development and management of a market entry strategy including market research, route to market and identification and selection of potential partners.

Business turnaround and transformation

Taking a fresh look at a distressed or underperforming business and developing and delivering a plan for improved profitability.

Management development

Growing the engine of your business through skills assessment and the guidance of self-learning expands the business' capacity and capability as well as motivating your employees to grow. Increasing the motivation of people creates passionate people; passionate people create profits.

B2B complex sales process development and winning strategies

Evaluation of the existing B2B complex sales approach and sales competencies. Recommending areas for improvement. Assisting in the development of strategies to convert sales opportunities into profitable business. Developing the sales team's competency to improve customer and prospect interaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Developing an M&A integration plan and delivering a successful integration to realise the value of the transaction.


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